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Easter baskets and boxes made with of one sheet of construction paper
Easter Cards, crafts, facts, colorings, games

easter craft, a paper basket to color

Print the easter basket design, color, cut, mark the fold, fold and glue ( hatched parts), staple the handles


easter craft, egg decorated box

Print the decorated egg easter box design . Color, cut, along the full lines and mark the folds (dotted lines), fold (see pictures beneath) . Stick the little fold backs to consolidate the box and reconstitute the egg.


easter craft bunny box

Print the rabbit box design , cut, color, mark the folds, fold and glue.


spring craft tulip bouquet box

Print the tulip bouquet box , cut along the full lines color or decorate with glued colored paper (leaves, flowers, ...), mark the folds, fold and glue (the hatched parts)

craft for kids and teens, easter basket

Print the basket you want to do, cut along the full lines, fold along the dotted lines. Tape or glue. You can also use double sided scotch tape or stickers.
The plain basket
The dotted basket black and white
The flowerd basket black and white
The colored dotted basket
The flowered basket

craft for kids and teens, easter basket

Le panier peut être monté comme à gauche ou comme ci-dessus ou de toutes les façons entre les deux.
craft for kids and teens, easter basket

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