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Here are two sets of owl's pictures which can be used to make an halloween memory game, magnets, stickers, mici cards or gift tags..

To make a memory game, you must click on the link to print the set you want (full page size)
- Couloured halloween memory
- halloween memory to colour.

Then you colour if required, you glue on a piece of cardboard with fix and glaze glue. You glue a nice sheet of paper on the back of the board with the same glue, for instance leftover of gift paper. Let dry. You need at least two layers of glue for the game so that the game won't be too fragile. The, you cut the samll cards of the memory.

To make magnets, you proceed in the same way and glue small magnet on the back of the cards or you print directly on magnetic paper.

You can also make stickers.

colourings : owls to create tags, cards, stickers and magnets
owls to create tags, cards, stickers and magnets


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