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Craft stamps : mouse, loving squirrel, chick, toger or goblin to decorate letters, gift paper, boxes, notebooks, etc...  
* Chinese new year 2010
* Valentine
* Easter
chick stamp squirrel in love stamp mouse or rat stamp goblin stamp tiger stamp


What You need : a potatoe (cut in 2) or some foam or a piece of rubber (to be found in craft stores or scrapbooking store), a knife if you use a potatoe or foam, carving tools if you use rubber and, for foam or rubber, some sort of a block to glue your stamp on

How to :

Click on the design of your choice and print it. Then reproduce it on your potatoe, piece of rubber or piece of foam.

If you use foam, you need 2 pieces, one in which you cut the black parts and the other on which you glue them. For the goblin, it is the white parts you have to cut.

If you use a potatoe or rubber, the black pieces must stick out as the white ones are carved (except for the goblin, where the white parts must stick out). When it is done, glue your stamp on your block and enjoy.

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