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On the 10th of February 2013, a new chinese year will beging, a year of thewater snake.
Legend of the Chinese zodiac, characteristics of each animal signs of the zodiaque and horoscope.

The snake is the siwth animal of the Chinese zodiaque. It represents wisdom, culture, thought, creativity, self-awareness ...

An ideal year to study, develop oneself, find ones way. A particularly good year for love and tolerance.

water snake

What is your chinese zodiac animal and your element ?

The chinese Zodiac is based on the following tale :

One new year's night, the jade emperor invited all the animals to come and see him. Only twelve of them obeyed.
The energetic ox led the way, but he did not notice that the cunny rat was perched on him.
Just before the arrival, he jumped in front of the Ox and the emperor saw him first.
Then came the smiling Tiger, the cautious Cat, the magnificent Dragon, the wise Snake, the talented Horse, the sensitive goat, the tricky Monkey, the proud Cock, the faithful Dog and the scrupulous Pig
To thank his visitors, Boudha decided that each year will be dedicated to one of the twelve animals, each one in his turn.
And to honor them, he decided also that the newborns of each year will inherit, from now on, the characteristic features of the animal of their birth year.

rat chinois Rat : Imaginative, charming and truly generous with the loved ones. Hard working, passionate, enterprising. But bad tempered, ready to criticize and opportuniste. A propency to absentmindness.
In 2013 the rat should focus on structured and elaborated projects as far as career is concern. . In love, je must rely on deep feelings and intelectual more than on thunderbolts.
boeuf chinois Ox : Tidy, practical, organized, handy, caring. A born leader. Rather conservative. Must try to control his bossiness and his angers.
In 2013, the snake will help you charm and seduce. A very good year for your sentimental life. As far as career is concerned, serious work should pay this year.
tigre chinois Tiger : Magnificent and generous, sensitive and emotionnal. He can love very strongly. But he is also rebellious, obstinate, with a hot head and sometimes mean minded..
2013 will be for you a consolidation year more than a conquering one. A serious year, where you have to behave with caution and reflexion.
lapin chinois Rabbit or Cat: Affectionate, caring, easy. Everybody loves to be with him. Careful and conservative. A propency to be oversentimental.
2013 will be a year of luck and progress in many fields for the cat. His sentimental life, in peculiar, should give him much satisfaction.

dragon chinois Dragon : Lively and enthusiastic. Intelligent, gifted and perfecionnist. Charismatic, but sometimes excessively demanding. He tends to speak his mind a bit too much and too strongly.
In 2013, dragons will have to show some carefulness. They will have to refrain a bit their adventurous nature. They will have success but it could make them lose their heads.
singe chinois Snake : Wise, charming, thoughtful and strongly intuitive. Must be careful not to give too much importance to money and must avoid procrastination..
2013 is your year but don't abuse or you'll have to pay in 2014.
cheval chinois Horse: Extremely hardworking. Vey independant. Intelligent and friendly. Propensy be selfish and mischievous.
In2013, the horse qhould show moderation. He will have to accept to adopt a moderate pace. It could give him the opportunity of making great discoveries.
mouton chinois

Ram : Sartorial, artistic, affectionate. Creative, sometimes hindered by negative ideas or bewildering emotions. More sulky than hot temperd. Generous, kind, chinese people think that his great heart brings him luck.
The climate of 2013 suits your perfectly in the sentimental field as well as in the professional field. Enjoy.

singe chinois Monkey : Quick, very intelligent and smart. An attractive personality. Must control his opportunism and his paranoid temperament.
2013 will be a good year to find love or to give a new dimension to an existing love. A year rich in opportunities. Beware of choosing carefully. Give preference to long term and solid.
coq chinois Cock : Obstinate, hardworking, tricky and strongwilled. Always sincere. A great dreamer. A bit boastful. Extravagant..
2013 will be a year of change for cocks. As far as love is concerned, it does not necessarily mean changing the object of love but it may mean changing the way you love. As far as career is concerned, it would be good to learn new things and modernize your methods.
chien chinois Dog: Faithful and honest. But also worried, foulmouthed and prone to criticism.
In 2013, dogs will be lucky in love if they express their feelings nicely. As far as projects are concerned, all will be good if you're careful not to go after chimeras.
cochon chinois Pig: A marvelous companion, very intelectual. Sincere, tolerant, honest but terribly naive. Direct, patient but deeply set his ways. He dislike giving his advise being adverse to conflicts. Very (too) attached to material possessions.Caring and delicate. He loves nature.
2013 will be a year of temptations and seduction in every field. Enjoy but beware of not losing your head.


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