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May first, walpurgis night, may festival

In past times, spring was celebrated around the first of may. In Rome there was a festival dedicated to Flora, godess of flowers and nature.
In Norse and german countries, this tradition is still alive. The night between April 30 and May 1 is Walpurgis night. Bonfires, students big parties take place and the first of may families organise the first picnics of the year. In germany there are dances around the maypole and in France people give llily ot the valleys as a token to those they love. Send lily of the valley ecards.

* Colorings : Flora, spring and flower goddess, smart lady with daisies, lily of the valley fairy,
* Colorings : May flowers, campanula, lily of the valley, aquilegia, periwinkle, strawberfy flowers
* Other spring colorings and stationery with flowers, ribbons, kids, animals, ...
* a spring hanjie, japanese puzzle
* Craft with may or mother’s day designs : badges, stickers or motives for pendants, jewels or key rings

koi nobori

May 5 in Japan is children's festival kodomo no hi. Before 1948, it was a boy's festival only called Tango no Sekku.

That day, families fly carp streamers attached on a pole, koi nobori.
According to a chinese legend, a fish koi braver than the others decided to swim up the yellow river. This carp was so wilful that it succeeded. The gods rewarded its courage in turning her in a magnificent dragon. That day people wish the children happiness, joy, fortune and good health. Send koi nobori ecards.

And now the carps are a symbol of courage, force and obstination.
Colorings : kois and koi nobori
Folding origami koi fishes (to be translated)
The carps are arranged as follow : A flood of ribbons, fukinagashi, that represents the stream ; a big black koi,, magoi, the father ; a smaller red koi, higoi, the mother ; and then smaller kois, black for boys, red for girls..



For boys, people decorate also with dolls representing heroes like : comme Kintaro, the japonese Hercule or Momotaro, the dragon chaser or samourais or samourai accessories (armour, helmet, sword, ..) and iris leaves (Shobu)

icone accessoire de samourai

coloring flora, spring and flowers goddess


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