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Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated worldwide by Irish people and their descent and increasingly by.non Irish people. Celebrations revolve around green, Irish symbols including leprechauns and Celtic designs, parades and drinking much beer.

The largest St. Patrick's Day parade takes place in New York City and involves 2 million spectators.

Saint Patrick was a bishop who played an important role in the christianisation of Ireland.


* Colorings : shamrock, dragon, leprechaun, rainbow, pot of gold, irish harp, tree of life, heart, stationery, celtic designs

* Crafts : Celtic badges, claddagh, eagle, dragon, fish, greenman, heart, tree of life, shamrock, triskele
A game of memory or stickers or magnets with celtic designs, claddagh, eagle, dragon, fish, greenma, heart, tree of life, shamrock, triskele

saint patrick, a leprechaun

* On line games :
Saint Patrick's day memory

The leprechaun's maze (easy)
The leprechaun's maze

Leprechauns: a leprechaun is a male faerie living in Ireland. He is small, clad in green, works as a shoemaker. He owns a treasure (a pot of golden coins) buried at the foot of a rainbow. It is said that if you see him, he must give you his treasure. But watch out, as soon as you blink, he disappears. He enjoys playing tricks to humans. Color and fill out the identity card of a leprechaun.

celtic designs  

Irish symbols : The green, shamrocks, beer and celtic designs.

Origin of some celtic designs

Before fighting, Celtic warriors used to paint their body with spirals and ferocious animals. Spirals were used to ward off evil especially grouped by three, triskele. It could represent the three elements: fire, water, soul, body and spirit.

Interlaced figures representing animals or human were used to decorate gospels.

A legend says that a townsman of Claddagh was kidnapped to slavery. He fought and escaped, went back to Claddagh to give a ring to his love. The ring is also a token of loyalty and friendship.

Celtic hounds were dogs well respected by royalty and warriors. They were given as gifts to men of honour and many warriors and chiefs took the name as a title to show their loyalty and courage.


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