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Parisian museums and exhibitions, advices, information, selection. To make visits as agreable than interesting. For families, kides, teens but not only.

la vague hokusai

It's the moment to go to musée Guimet 6, place d'Iéna

One of the most beautiful of Paris.
Not crowded despite the great richess of its collections.

And, at the momentand till 10th of December 2012, one can exceptionnaly admire around 40 works from 'Hokusai, that fantastic artist with a fascinating personality.
The wave, his emblematic work, is one of the most renowned Japonese work in the world. These works are seldom shown due to their fragility.

unicorn and dame and a coloring inspired of the unicorn tapestry

Printer size

Enter the time machine and travel to middle age. A little stroll in the medieval garden of musée du moyen âge, hôtel de Cluny, near Saint Michel. Enter this fascinating museum and don't miss the lady and the unicorn tapestry.

If you're not afraid of queuing, visit the magnificent Sainte-Chapelle, 4 boulevard du Palais, 75001, a jewell of gothic architecture (picture on the left)

Get out and walk in the streets in the direction of Notre-Dame cathedral. No need to enter a museum to discover what Paris was a few centuries ago, just wander wander in the streets of 'ile Saint-Louis and 'île de la cité.

If you are really fascinated by Middle-age or want to see the reconstitution of Marie-Antoinette's cell before her head was chopped, go to the conciergerie., 1 quai de l'horloge,75001. .

Photo of the inside of Sainte Chapelle

Sainte chapelle

To go on with your trip in the past of Paris. In musée Carnavalet, 23, rue de Sévigné (3ème), we explore Paris through the centuries

In musée de la poste ,It's mail (slow mostly) through ages but it tells a lot about history. Near Montparnasse, 34 boulevard de Vaugirard 75015.
.Don't miss the exhibition about mail art.

Classic arts and emblematic place, Le louvre (too big for our taste but we know kids who appreciate the place really very much and you may want to have a glimpse at Mona lisa's smile).
Next to le Louvre, French art de vivre, the musée de la mode et du textile and the musée des arts décoratifs

In the Marais also, the conservatoire des arts et métiers, a beautiful place and museum dedicated to the history of technology, and machines.
60 rue Réaumur.
Founded in 1794 on the place of an old priory, this collection is unique in the worl by its exhaustiveness and vastness.
A remarkable testimony of man's ingenuity.
On sunday you can brunch in a great decor but you must book.


And now, let us turn our attention to the second part of the 19th century, beginning of the 20th.

Go to the musée Rodin in Hôtel Biron, next to the golden cupolas of Hôtel des Invalides. Hôtel Biron is a magnificent private mansion built in the 18 th century. In this museum you can stroll between masterpieces, personal belonging of an outstanding artist and enjoy the beauty and peacefulness of a private park in Paris. Rodin 1840-1917.

Not far from there and dedicated to artists of the same period (1848-1914), Orsay museum. Located in a former railway station, it is a magnificent and facinating museum. The only, but sometimes deterrent, drawback is that you can have to queue for hours to enter it!

If you are interested by impressionism, go to the musée de l'orangerie and look at the nympheas. Stunning..

And let's jump in the twentieth century,
First situated in the Marais, in one of the most famous private mansion of Paris, hôtel Salé built by a man who inspired Molière for the bourgeois gentilhomme and who became very wealthy collecting taxes on salt during the reign of Louis XIV, the Picasso museum,

And last but not least, one of our favorite place in Paris, Beaubourg, place G Pompidou, 4ème. A lively plazza, a building strongly colored, joyful, a bold, assertive industrial style. Enjoy the pleasure of discovering Paris progressively while climbing the escalator. Excellent exhibitions, a great collection of modern art and fine activities for kids

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