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les tuileries park

Les Tuileries (1er, Place de la Concorde Rue de Rivoli, métro Tuileries) : Flat and serious. But vast, in the heart of Paris and housing superb statues of Maillol.

Le jardin des plantes (5ème, rue Cuvier, métro Jussieu, Gare d'Austerlitz, Monge, Censier). Much room and many things to see.

Le parc Monceau (8ème)78, bd de Courcelles, Mo Monceau
A bit too classic and sloane street for our taste but much space and greenery. Very Madeline !

Le parc de Bercy, 12ème, near Bercy village,
A modern park, full of poetry.

Le parc floral de Paris (12ème, Entrance on the château de vincennes's plazza.)
Many free games for all ages and tastes. Unexpensive attractions. Shows, house of nature, butterfly greenhouse. Free. The site

Le parc de la cité universitaire. (14ème) : Not officially a public garden, but very welcoming specially for teens who can play soccer and run as much as they want. Very large. Here you can make a world tour in less than an hour. Student houses of many countries, some very great works of architecture (Le Corbusier for instance). Easy access, just in front of Rer cité universitaire and tram station. Open early and late. An unexpensive cafeteria. Houses exhibitions, festival, concerts and son on.

Le parc Montsouris. (14ème) : Our park. Charming, beautiful. The best one !

Le jardin Atlantique (14ème) : swings, ping pong tables, open spaces. Not overcrowded. The entrance is hidden ! You must go in Montparnasse station and look for the signs or take the elevator from the pont des 5 martyrs du lycée Buffon.

Le parc andré citroên (15ème, Quai André-Citroën rue Leblanc rue de la Montagne métro Lourmel ) : Unlike other parks, black in some places, wild in others, mysterious, slightly disturbing. An australian greenhouse and funny fountains perfect to refresh oneself while having fun in summer.

parc Montsouris the lake



Parc des buttes Chaumont (19ème)
Full of slopes and surprises : a park to imagine you are an explorer, to hide oneself or to get lost. A park that induces dreams.

Parc de la Villette (19ème) : :Much fun. Slide a dragon'giant tongue. Whisper in the garden of movement. Jump in the garden of balance. Play with water in the mist garden, Nice place to have a picnic.Much people and life. The park's site

Le parc de Belleville (20ème), rue des Couronne, Mo : Couronnes. Very different. A great terraced garden. Nice games. A large cascading fountain. Houses the House of air.

Avoid the jardin d'acclimatation : uncool. Not as good as parc Floral and awfully more expensive


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