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Agenda 2013, a year to pick.

Photos, haïkus and small joys to pick

Available for 7,5$ on createspace or Amazon.

As a wall calendar on for16,99 euros

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A fun crime novel, If music be the food of crime

Shop the digital version on Smashwords for 3,48$

Isolde, 16, is intern in a symphonic orchestra to improve her culture. On her second work day, the big mess begins ..

A crime story full of humor and unexpected twists and turns . An inquiry which rambles from Maigret, to Facebook, via the adventurous four, Zola, Rouletabille and Einstein. Romances not always romantic.

Cultural clashes: Generation Y against Mozart, gift of the gab against erudition, province against Paris, teens versus parents.

Becoming an adult or not, being an artist, transmission...

A Fantasy story: Retro grames camp.

Summary : Pierre, 15, Thomas, 14 and François, 13, 3 cousins, have been sent to retro games camp. After a trying travel, they arrive in a strange village set in the depth of Burgundy. Here people behave oddly and things look bizarre.
No playing of retro games.
They are staying at Le Raymond's café...

Episode 1, The travel
Episode 2, The encounter
Episode 3, the fight against american imperialism
Episode 4, very inconvenient convenience
Episode 5, the program
Episode 6: New encounter
Episode 7 : The revelation
Episode 8 : True of false
Episode 9: Exhaustion
Episode 10, The ghost
Episode 11 : Drowning
Episode 12: SOS
Episode 13: Ko
Episode 14: Hell
Episode 15 : Girls
Episode 16: Waffles
Episode 17: Cuts
Episode 18: Worse than school
Episode 19: The excursion
Episode 20: Poodles
Episode 21 : Wrath
Episode 22: a very short evening
Episode 23: cinema
Episode 24 : Conversation with a ghost
Episode 25: to the peak of boredom
Episode 26: Pluck no more
Episode 27: Confession of a ghost
Episode 28; The cheek
Episode 29: Experiments
Episode 30: Dreams
Episode 31: Travelling
Episode 32: Back or quite....
Episode 33: Back

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agenda 2013
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