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First Chapter : How Lilac's bed became magic

Once upon a time there was a little pincess with golden locks and clear eyes called Lilac. She lived in Paris with her parents and her small brother.

She led the life of an ordiary little girl. She did not live in a Palace, she did not wear a crawn, she had to go to school and her daddy was not a king.

She could have gone on being an ordinary little girl but one night, the first of december, her bed became magic.
She felt nothing. She was deeply asleep, eyes tightly shut and, suddenly and very sweetly, her bed metamorphosed itself. He became a big waterlily flower.

She went on sleeping and the bed metamorphosed itself once more to return to being an ordinary bed.
When she got un the next morning, Lilac did not know that her bed was magic.

le lit magique de Lilas





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