Chinese New year 2015, year of the wooden sheep, ram, goat, horoscope for each chinese zodiac signs

sheep2015Sheep are not  meek and without imagination. It’s all the contrary. Artistic-minded, creative, free-tempered, dreamy and sentimental, they don’t get on well with order and discipline. Calm and careless, they may be neglectful. When motivated they work hard but may disperse themselves.

For them, this year will be calm and beneficial for sentiments, creativity and art more than for business. Beware that quietness does not turn to apathy. 

The rat will have to be careful not to get distracted. The year of the sheep will be beneficial for his projects if they are not only materialistic.

Ox, Buffalo, this year can bring very beautiful surprise if you accept to sometimes follow your intuition and give a place to fantasy.

Tiger, this year will be very effective if you are more patient and caring than usual.

Rabbit, cat, this year will be very pleasant, pecularly as far as feelings are concerned. But beware, don’t fall asleep from too much quietness.

Dragon, this year will be to quiet for your taste. Don’t get cross instead of making good use of an atmosphere beneficial for affective relationships and the opening of new paths.

Snake, this year will suit you perfectly if you behave with generosity and plan carefully your activities.

Horsea very successful year if you pay attention to others.

Sheep, ram, goat, this year is yours.  It will be marvelous provided you make organization and discipline efforts.

Monkey, a year absolutely to your taste. It will be fruitful if you don’t neglect the spiritual dimension of things.

Rooster,  A very beautiful year. At moments, you will have to show some delicacy and adapt your working methods.

Dog, A plain year. No peculiar opportunity, no major obstacle. It’s up to you and only you to draw it.

Pig,  A very beneficial yar which will give you the opportunity to show your best and push your limits. Don’t be too materialistic.

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