Chinese zodiac, legend and characteristic of the different signs

The Chinese zodiac comes from the following legend :

A new year night, the Jade emperor invite all the earth animals to visit him. Only twelve of them obeyed.
The energetic Ox opened the way all along the route but he had not noticed that the cunning Rat was perched on him. Just before reaching the emperor, the Rat jumped in front of the Ox and the emperor saw him first.

Then came the smiling Tiger, the cautious cat (rabbit), the shining Dragon, the wise Serpent, the talented Horse, the sensitive Sheep, the ckever Monkey, the proud Rooster, the faithful Dog and the scrupulous pig.

To thank them, Budha decided each visitor would have a symbolic year in turn and that, that year, newborns would inherit the caracteristics of the emblematic animal.

rat chinois Rat : Imaginative, charming and truly generous with the loved ones. He works hard ans is enterprising but he has a bad temper, is critic and opportunist. Tends to be distracted.
boeuf chinois Ox or Buffalo :  Tidy with a practical sense, methodic, good with his hands, loving. A born leader. Somehow conservative. He must watch his temper and his autoritarian tendency.
tigre chinois Tiger : Superb and generous, sensitive, emotive, his love can be very strong. He is also rebel, stubborn, a bit hot headed and sometimes mean.
lapin chinois Rabbit or catLapin ou chat :  Affectionate, caring, agreable. People love to see you. Cautious and conservative a tendency to over sentimentalism. The most renown rabbit, Einstein.
dragon chinois Dragon :   Fully alive, enthusiastic, intelligent, gifted and perfectionnist. Popular, but sometimes too demanding and too outspoken.
singe chinois Snake : Wise, charming, cautious with a very strong intuition. Beware not to care too much for money and not to procrastinate.
cheval chinois Horse : Travailleur forcené. Très indépendant. Intelligent et amical. Tendance à l’égoïsme et à la malice.
mouton chinois Chèvre (ou bélier) : Elégant, artiste, affectueux. Créatif, parfois gêné par un certain pessimisme ou des émotions trop vives. Plus boudeur que coléreux. Généreux, gentil, les chinois pensent que ses qualités de coeur lui valent d’être très chanceux
singe chinois Monkey :Quick, very clever and cunning. Attractive personality. Beware not to be too opportunistic or paranoïd.
coq chinois Rooster : He works very hard. He is strong willed and cunning. He always speaks his mind.
chien chinois Dog : Faithful and honest. But also worrying and a bad mouth.
cochon chinois Pig : Amoureux de la nature. A marvelous companion, very intellectual. Sincere, openminded and honest but terribly naïve. Direct, patient, but cumbersome and keeping his opinion for himself to avoid conflicts. Very or too much attached to material properties. Caring and delicate.

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